Schwartz Lab

Functional & Ecological Genomics

We are a research lab at Auburn University

We study how individuals respond to stressors in their environment;

How stressors alter growth, reproduction and aging; and

How stress responses evolve across populations and species

Schwartz Lab

Functional Genomics

Schwartz Lab at Auburn University
Functional Genomics

Catching invasive brown anole lizards.

Some require a team approach!

~Palm Beach, Florida


The mission of the Schwartz Lab is to discover new knowledge of how environmental stressors regulate life history traits such as reproduction and longevity in natural animal populations, bridging the gap between evolutionary biology and biomedical research. To do this we conduct experimental and observational studies utilizing physiological and functional and population genomic data to address questions on (1) how molecular stress response networks evolve and drive life history traits; and (2) how individuals respond to stress at the genetic, physiological, and organismal levels, and the consequential effects on life history traits and trade-offs. Our research findings are used to inform both human health and conservation. We strive for integrity, transparency and open science as we disseminate our findings for the betterment of human society and our natural world


Dr. Tonia S. Schwartz

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama 36849

United States of America

+1 (334) 844-1555